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Wireless Messaging Software
NotePager Pro
When communication is critical NotePager Pro allows for remote communication, sending text messages to pagers, cell phones and other devices. Free download available for evaluation purposes!

Communication Software - communication software solutions for covert and overt communication. Military communication software solutions ensures secure military communication systems when necessary.

Messaging server software sends SMS and text messages to: pagers, mobile phones, PIMs, wireless devices. Messages can be accepted from: networked computers, email, web pages (CGI), commandline executables, text files, serial ports, modems. Messages can be delivered via: the Internet (SNPP, WCTP, SMTP), modems (TAP, UCP, GSM, TONE), direct serial connections (TAP). Advanced features: redundant outbound connections, message rerouting on failure.

$ 150.00+

WebGate is a fast, easy, and reliable way to stay in contact with your out-of-office personnel. Individual webpages or group webpages and webpages with drop-down lists can also be automatically created and maintained by WebGate. Messages sent from these web pages can be received on cell phones or pagers. Email messages or notification of newly received email can also be sent.

$ 450.00+


NotePager Pro
Communication is critical in todays competitive business world. NotePager Pro allows small businesses to compete in big business, by providing an affordable yet powerful messaging solution. NotePager Pro supports pre-programmed messages, scheduled paging, on-call paging, and group paging, in a robust, yet easy to use desktop application.

$ 29.95

NotePager Net
A full feature network paging software that allows for all users on a network to share a commmon modem, phone line and database to facilitate the sending of text messages to pagers, cellular phones or other messaging devices. NotePager Net is designed for business use and can be scaled to meet the size of the business.

$ 350.00+

G-Lock EasyMail
G-Lock EasyMail is a powerful group mailer which sends your message directly from your PC to the recipient's mail server (without using any ISP's SMTP server). This takes the load off of your mail server and speeds up message sending significantly. !

$ 30.00

Group Mail
Email list management and distribution system. Support for most popular email address book formats - importing address books and distribution lists is now a matter of point and click. .

$ 79.95-179.95

Answer Tool
Answer your email in minutes instead of hours! Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over? Save your replies in AnswerTool, then reuse them again and again. Eliminate repetitive typing and dramatically increase your productivity! ...

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$ 29.95


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