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monitor activities anywhere on your network. Here is a list of some of the awesome monitoring features NetVizor provides, keystroke logging and much more. Not only can NetVizor provide powerful monitoring over your network usage, but NetVizor can also allow for administration of users.

Network Management and General Monitoring Software - network management, performance management, general monitoring software including administrative tools for network management, performace monitoring, website monitoring and more

NetworkSmart Lite
NetworkSmart Lite will help you step inside the network wire and show you exactly how your application is operating across the network. It will help you determine performance bottlenecks and slow response times by analyzing how many times your application communicates with the server (known as round trips). NetworkSmart Lite also includes a simple performance rating that quickly tells you if your code or web page is performing well over the network.

LeadByte Corporation
DreamSys Server Monitor
Monitor servers over a network or the Internet. Connect, Receive, or Send & Receive tests on TCP connections. Simple Ping tests. Test services on remote machines, and restart services if necessary. Quick and Easy to use Windows interface. Save/Load host lists as separate documents.

DreamSys Software
$ 29.95
Advanced Administrative Tools for Windows
Advanced Administrative Tools for Windows is a great set of utilities for analyzing network properties. It will test pretty much every network operation you could want to know about. AATools will check Email properties, Scan ports and proxies, give network and system statuses, etc. The information it conveys is easy to digest and setting up a test is likewise very simple. A worthwhile download for anyone wanting to gather info on their network or PC. AATools should be a part of your security toolkit and you should employ them regularly.

$ 49.95
NetGrid is a program that will monitor your Internet connection's upload and download bandwidth. With it's common graphical and numeric output that hides in your system tray, it gives you an accurate display of your bandwidth usage.

Computer Smarts
$ 19.95
Computer Sound Security System. The principle of action bases on microphone (microphones) real time survey and highly intellectual analysis of coming signals on the basis of special algorithms, and if it is necessary-calling you by modem or phone.

$ 25-70.00
Spy Camera
Do you want to know what is going on in your computer while you are not using it? Do you want to know which sites visit your subordinate? Are you curious with whom your girlfriend in correspondence? Do you want to control of access of unwanted Internet sites by your kids? Why sometimes when you did not use your computer for a sometime you might find some changes in the computer and who did it? In those cases you need this program.
$ 30.00

NetVizor allows you to monitor user activities anywhere on your network. Here is a list of some of the awesome monitoring features NetVizor provides, keystroke logging and much more. Not only can NetVizor provide powerful monitoring over your network usage, but NetVizor can also allow for administration of users, or an entire network, with simple point and click commands.

Network Surveillance

IP Check
IPCheck constantly watches all your servers and notifies your staff when outages occur. Also all performance data gathered during monitoring can later be viewed and analyzed. IPCheck is designed to continuously monitor one or more servers. It alerts webmasters if a webserver is not working correctly because the web service is down, CGI scripts return errors or the SQL server is not reachable. IPCheck analyzes the results and notifies the administrator when problems are identified. Additionally it can constantly monitor servers by attempting to connect through a PING command or through a specific port (e.g. HTTP=80, SMTP=25).

Paessler Software
$ 50-999..00

Advanced Administrative Tools
Have you been port scanned lately? Completely ignoring network security is not smart and ignorance isn't exactly bliss. If you access the Internet via a cable modem, DSL, or even a dial-up connection, someone is always knocking on your virtual front door, giving your system the once-over. Protect your data, privacy and valuable computer system with AA Tools. AATools investigates and gathers information about your computer, network status, and service availability. That is a layman's way of saying it performs an inspection on everything vital to network security as it pertains to the protection of your computerons, and general system information.

G-Lock Soft
$ 49.95
Asset Tracker for Networks
Inventory LAN PC's software and hardware, reduce cost of ownership, increase the efficiency of production, plan hardware upgrades and software licenses purchases.

Alchemy Lab
$ 199.00

a program which offers you access to same databases used by professional investigators. Some of the information you will be granted access to is difficult for even government agencies to find! It's safe and legal to use, and best for all, it can be done without anyone ever knowing.

Walnum Enterprises
$ 25.00

Text Pipe Pro
TextPipe Pro is a data extraction and text manipulation application that updates your web site, extracts data from databases, reformats and standardizes your electronic text and program source code, data mines unstructured text reports and your competitor's web sites, cleanses data in legacy databases, converts between a variety of mainframe and PC data formats - the possibilities are simply endless.

Crystal Software
$ varies


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