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network spy
Network Spy
a general purpose diagnostic tool for administrators, programmers and students of network technologies. It can operate in different modes depending on the application.

Intrusion Detection Software - Intrusion detection system software, fraud detection, includes tools to check Internet security, test Internet security of firewalls. Various intrusion detection software performs Internet security tests and network intrusion detection, helps track and determine whether systems have been compromised.

It will notify you if someone is breaking into your computer, stop them dead in their tracks, and even build a visual map showing you the Attacker's ISP (Internet Service Provider) location! You can now connect to the Internet with the comfort and security of knowing that no one from the Internet can access your computer without your knowledge or permission

$ 49.00 1 year

McAfee Personal Firewall
Beware of hackers! Personal Firewall helps block hacker access to your personal and financial information and gives you complete visibility over everything in and out of your computer.

Every time your system is probed or attacked, a more common event than most would expect, you get detailed reports and clear options to follow up. Seamless integration with the new SecurityCenter provides you with an easy-to-read security status, access to up-to-the-minute security alerts and automatic software updates.

$ 24.95

an integrated solution to combat many different types of password hack attempts. ProxyPass is solely a subscription service and runs as a client-server software system. Just like the ProxyGuard before it, ProxyPass is fully supported, and monthly subscriptions are available through Danube Technologies, Inc. ProxyPass is a client-server system, where a client software is installed on host systems. The client software is a C module of Apache that works to protect and bolster the generally weak authentication structures offered by the Apache web server.

Danube Technologies
$ 49.95 month

Network Spy
Network Spy is a general purpose diagnostic tool for administrators, programmers and students of network technologies. It can operate in different modes depending on the application. Some of the more typical applications of this tool include: Packet capture and decode Network Statistics gathering Software debugging Intrusion Detection and activity monitoring.

Network Spy

IntegrityCheck Plus
IntegrityCheck Plus is an easy to use utility for checking your system for common security vulnerabilities, as well as providing useful utilities for system maintenance and support. IntegrityCheck allows you to scan for open backdoors, possible unprotected ports on your PC, password cache entries, and also allows you to run various system management utilities and file backups.

SpyTech Web
$ 29.95

Advanced port monitoring system that integrates ease of use and high protection while at the same time providing a wide verity of features. Anti-Hack 2.0 has a whole new line of features such as: sound notify on connection attempt, detailed list of connection attempts, pop up notification, the ability to minimize to your system tray, send clear text to the hacker so they know that their connection was just caught, detailed html and text log files, ability to watch up to 125* ports at the same time, multiple port lists, and more.

$ 14.99

Private Firewall
Privatefirewall™ eliminates unauthorized access to your PC, at home, the office, or on the road. Privatefirewall also constantly monitors the sensitive areas of a PC where intrusion can occur and reports on their status allowing users to take appropriate action. Privatefirewall is easy to install/use and provides reliable and high-performance protection.

$ 29.95

OutPost Firewall Pro
There has been a major increase of home computer attacks. It appears that with the increase of high speed Internet access, little knowledge of security by users, and a smaller chance of being prosecuted, home computers have become tasty targets for hackers. Our goal is to even the board!


Jammer’s powerful protection gives you peace of mind. Its unrivaled multi-barrier system blocks every step an intruder takes with sophisticated counter-measures that protect the Registry, monitor applications and inspect both incoming and outgoing connections by using its amended firewall. As a potent protection device, Jammer is like a cyber fortress defending you from attackers.


BlackICE Defender
BlackICE Defender scans your DSL, cable modem, or dial-up Internet connection looking for hacker activity. When it detects an attempted intrusion, it automatically blocks traffic from that source, keeping intruders from accessing your system.

Internet Security Systems
$ 39.95

7Safe's Express Security Assessment (ESA) is a service comprising a vulnerability assessment of your Internet-facing machines. It allows you to deal with vulnerabilities before an unwanted intruder does. The ESA is conducted across the Internet from our offices, thus no on-site presence is required. Following the assessment, a report is produced that focuses on vulnerabilities found in order of priority, in managerial and technical formats together with suggested remedies.


An easy-to-use, secure, and powerful application for file encryption and sharing. It utilizes strong and time-proven encryption algorithms for creating encrypted archives and self-extracting EXE files and for sharing files with your associates and friends. .

$ varies on license

advanced spyware detection system. Your privacy is worth the protection NetCop has to offer! Netcop has a distinct method of classifying spyware that is added to our detection routine. Some of these programs that invade your privacy have very different capabilities. NetCop categorizes these threats by giving each program a threat level.

$ 49.95

Personal Firewall
Personal firewall Plus provides protection from outside intrusion, such as hackers, while you access the Internet. TermiNET Plus has a unique combination of use-ability and functionality (such as black/white lists, user management, and stealth mode for private surfing) that make it ideal for the companies dealing with very sensitive information.

$ 39.95-49.95


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