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monitor activities anywhere on your network. Here is a list of some of the awesome monitoring features NetVizor provides, keystroke logging and much more. Not only can NetVizor provide powerful monitoring over your network usage, but NetVizor can also allow for administration of users.

Monitoring Prevention Software - security software prevents system monitoring and track whether systems have been compromised or monitored with a key logging or remote monitoring application.

Monitoring software detection software. It can be used to verify that no unauthorised monitoring programs are installed. Privacy and internet track deleting tool with Anti-spyware functions

$ 39.95
Keystroke Cop
Keystroke Cop in effect, neutralizes any key loggers on your system by disallowing them access to your keystrokes! No longer worry if someone is trying to get your passwords, credit card numbers, or any amount of sensitive information!

Keystroke Cops
$ 39.95
SpyCop Corporate
SpyCop finds spy programs such keyloggers designed specifically to record your screen, email, passwords and much more! SpyCop will detect the spy, tell you when it was installed, and optionally disable it! SpyCop can find over 270 spy programs.

$ 99.95
Who's Watching Me
Find out if you have a snooper installed on your computer. Trapware's WHO'S WATCHING ME snooper detector (patent pending) finds snoopers and tells you what information they are gathering.

$ 24.95
Remove traces of documents opened, pictures viewed... Detect and remove spy software that logs your activity Find and remove adult content on your computer Permanently erase files using the industrial shredder Stop password theft know if users are snooping your keystrokes! Break spyware Passcodes find out WHO is spying on you Portable! So small you can take it with anywhere No installation required - simply download and use .

$ 39.95
Clean Surfer
Do you assume that all the personal information on your computer can be accessed only by you? You might delete personal files from your computer thinking that once they are deleted they cannot be accessed again. Wrong! Anyone skilled enough to find those files can read them. Our team has designed Clean Surfer to help you protect your personal information.

Clean Surfer
$ 69.90
AntiSpy eliminates the traces of your work on computer. it includes the features:
Internet Explorer(IE) -- Clear Location Bar History - Clear Cookies - Delete History
- Delete Temporary Internet Files. Netscape Navigator - Clear History - Clear Cookies
- Clear Cache. Start Menu - Clear Run history
- Clear Find History - Clear Recent Documents List - Clear Start Click - Eliminate all content of Clipboard memory and more!

$ 16.95


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